Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 easy ways of being more active!

5 easy ways of being more active!

1. Instead of using the car, or taking the bus to go somewhere that's not so far from you , walk, jog, or ride a bicycle .
2. Try spending less time watching t.v and rather spend that time doing physical movement
3.Instead of taking the elevator , take the stairs.
4.When you go to the park , instead of sitting down and watching others playing and running around , get up too and start moving !
5. When watching t.v , you don't necessarily have to be sitting down , you can work out too while watching t.v

You see , the point here is to get moving and be more active by doing simple things like the ones above. No matter how little are the changes you make, if you start being more active and start doing those things every day , you will definitely see a result in your life .You will feel better and with more energy. Start little by little , taking simple steps towards a healthier life and when you will see changes , you will totally feel more motivated and will start feeling better too . I hope these 5 tips were helpful and that you will actually take action towards a more active life !

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