Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy satisfying and delicious oatmeal and apple milkshake

   When I'm hungry at night, I always try to stay full and not overeat because at night it's  easier for the  food that one eats to turn into body fat,, so what I always do around 8:00 p.m, is prepare myself a satisfying oatmeal and aipple milkshake.With this milkshake you will  feel satisfied and full for the rest of the night so you won't have to overeat and feel like you're starving.

Here are the ingredients for this simple milkshake

Ingredients :

1 sliced apple green or red, it's up to you

3/4 a glass of milk (preferrably 0% or 1% low fat milk)

1/2 a cup of natural plain oameal

Put all three ingredients in a blender and  let it blend until it has a milkshake like texture and the oatmeal has fully blended. No sugar is needed because the sugar from the apple is enough to sweeten the milkshake. That's it!  You can now drink your milkshake. I hope you enjoy it !.If you really try this out please comment and say how you think it was. It's actually pretty yummy and is a great night meal substituter :P

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