Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is The Truth About Abs a Scam ?

Before I bought this program I asked myself if this program was a scam. I honestly wasn't sure if I should buy it. I really doubted if it would work. I had tried everything before and nothing had worked. I tried the most intense workouts ever. Every kind of diet.EVERY. I once cut almost all my carbohydrates and all sugar drinks but I didn't know I was doing something wrong. That was just part of what I had to do to cut down all the belly fat I had. There was still more to it but i didn't know what I had to do. After having done so much research about it and having read so many testimonials saying it worked, I decided to try it myself. I was scared of wasting my money on the wrong product and wasting my time reading something that didn't work but I still gave it a shot.

When I bought it, I was a bit surprised because The Truth about Abs program came with a lot of bonuses, all of them for free and even some work outs and other fitness programs too at no cost.As soon as I started reading the ebook I was shocked because since the beginning, the ebook had information I had never read before, ever in my whole life. The ebook had a total of 152 pages. Every part of it was very detailed. I have to say I got very into the book and it really caught my eye since the beginning.At first I thought I wouldn't finish reading it all but I read it all the way til the end and since the first month after following and doing as the program says, I started noticing results. My belly started becoming less bloated and when I grabbed my belly I noticed I could grab less fat than I used to be able to get.

But not only did I start noticing results in my abdominal part. I also noticed I had less fat in my back and I started getting more ripped and lean. I started feeling better both on the inside and outside. I was becoming more confident with myself because I could look at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I liked that everytime I looked at myself , my abs became more visible and the fat was disappearing. Within 5 months of following the program,   my abs became completely visible and I was proud of showing off my stomach to everyone. my girlfriends asked me what had I done to get such a lean ripped stomach. Since ever then I've had the best abs ever because my abdominal part is very ripped. The muscles clearly stick out. 

I am now proud of my body. Proud of who I am and how I look. I am not afraid to go to the beach and show off my body because I know I look good. I like myself more now than I've ever had and girls like me too . So what would I tell anyone that thinks that the Truth About Abs is a scam ? I would tell them that it's definitely not a scam and that YES , it works ! It works as long as you follow the instructions and you do exactly as told in the program. It is not hard. It wasn't hard for me. You get used to eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle like how the programs shows you to. You won't lose your money. This program works. You have me as an example and if you still don't believe you can go and do your own research on the internet and see for yourself all the positive testimonials and comments this program has received.

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